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Color Wheel Quilts

My whole life, I have been fascinated by the spectrum.  Nothing in a shop catches my eye faster than objects in a rainbow of colors, whatever they are.


In a polychromatic composition, the contrast heightens each color, but also simplifies it.  We see mainly its difference from the others.


This series of quilts arose from my need to explore and experience colors in a deeper and more systematic way.  Except for the three quilts that are actually color wheels, it consists of quilts in which the range of colors is very limited.  In these quilts I try to understand the nature of each range, and represent all its subtle variations. 


The original plan was to divide the color wheel into six hue ranges, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.  There would be one quilt for each.  When it came to green, this plan broke down.  It seems to me that we can see more variations in green than in any other hue, which is not surprising given our co-evolution with a green planet.  So there is a blue-green quilt and a yellow-green quilt.


Since the completion of the original seven hue quilts, the series continues in other directions. 

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