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Slate, Cerulean, Turquoise, Indigo

75" x 49" | 2014
Slate Cerulean Turquoise Indigo.jpg

This quilt is the last of the Color Wheel Series as originally planned,  with seven monochromatic quilts each celebrating a major range of hues.


Blue is the color of the sky, distant mountains, icebergs, and the ocean. From space, we are a blue ball.


This quilt is also the solution to an elaborate color puzzle.  It has 225 distinct color roles, almost all of which are occupied by different fabrics.  In each of the 15 blocks, the ocean must be darker blue, the sky must be lighter blue, the mountains must be purpler blue, and the ice must be greener blue.  Each of the 15 blocks is different, with an overall leaning toward green (top), grey (left), purple (bottom right), or a pure blue hue (center).

Awarded Best of New Jersey (with a cash prize) in the Northeast Quilt Competition, Quilt & Sewing Fest of New Jersey, Somerset, New Jersey, March 2016.


Awarded First Place in the Art Quilt category, Garden State Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show, Morristown, New Jersey, May 2015.


Awarded Best Use of Color in the same show.


In the same show, received a special National Quilting Association Certified Judge’s Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement in Quiltmaking.


Exhibited in the juried show American Quilter’s Society Quilt Week, Paducah, Kentucky, April 2016.   Also published in the 2016 Catalogue of Show Quilts: 32nd Annual Paducah AQS Quiltweek.

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