The Color Wheel II

73" x 63" | 2010
The Color Wheel II.jpg

For me, the color wheel is the primal image.  I finished my first one a year after I began quilting.  This second one was two years in the making.


The pattern of hexagons is completely regular:


Along the line from the center to the middle of each side, there is one hexagon of a fairly pure hue (I call the six hues primaries), one hexagon of the primary hue in varying values, and one hexagon mixing the two secondaries on either side of the primary.


Along the line from the center to each corner, there are two primary hexagons side-by-side, a secondary hexagon whose hue mixes the two primaries, two tertiary hexagons side-by-side, and a corner hexagon mixing the secondary hue with a little of its complement.  


The hues are usually as saturated as I could make them!  The exceptions are in the half-hexagons along the sides, which use slightly less saturated versions of the colors in their regions.

Exhibited in the juried show Quilt Fest of New Jersey VIII, Somerset, New Jersey, March 2012.