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Sweet Baby James 

51" x 38" | 2003
Sweet Baby James.jpg

Goodnight you moonlight ladies,

Rock-a-bye, sweet Baby James.

Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose,

Won't you let me go down in my dreams,

And rock-a-bye, sweet Baby James.

This quilt was an early experiment with what was then called "watercolor" technique. When I was designing the quilt, I was frustrated because I never had enough fabrics—I always wanted smoother transitions from one color to another. Later I appreciated the freeness that resulted from this limitation. The checkerboard sky  and pieced border remind us that this is a real quilt, not an imitation painting.

Collection of Amelia W. Ray, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Exhibited in the invitational show Inspired by Nature at the Summit Medical Group, Berkely Heights, New Jersey, October 2015-March 2016.

Exhibited in the juried show Quilt Fest of New Jersey, Somerset, New Jersey, March 2005.

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