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Ruby, Crimson, Scarlet, Vermilion

42" x 42" | 2008
Ruby Crimson Scarlet Vermilion.jpg

Red is so intense, so emotional, so symbolic.  It is the bright splash that marks the center of an image.  Do we ever see what it really is, rather than just seeing an exclamation point?


This quilt is my attempt to gain some intimacy with the color red.  It is not easy.  Visual fatigue sets in fast, turning a table full of red fabrics into an array of weird, vibrating browns.  You cannot really see red without constrast and visual relief, which is why there are so many neutrals in the design.


In the final quilt, I think I achieved my goal.  You can see that there is not just one red, but a fascinating and pleasing variety of shades.

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