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53" x 31" | 2018
Roll by Pamela Zave

This quilt is an impression of the giant forces whose currents shape our world.  In the atmospheric layer, they create the weather.  In the geological layer, they create the land  and the oceans.  At the surface of the earth, they meet to create a thin, bright layer of life.


In this design the jewels of nature colors peek through ponderous coils of neutrals.  The neutrals change subtly from top to bottom, first gray then taupe then brown.

Published in the The Language of Making, Textile Study Group of New York, 2019.

Exhibited in the juried show The Gold Standard of Fiber and Textile Art, Westbeth Art Gallery, New York, New York 2020.


Exhibited in the juried show World Quilt Competition XXIII, World Quilt New England, Springfield, Massachusetts, 2019.

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